General Manager Area 1- Supervising the financial and human resources in the meteorology of the province

2- Organizing the available resources for the optimal advancement of the meteorological programs of the province

3- Leading the meteorological operational programs of the province in the framework of the headquarters, provincial and national macro programs and supervising their proper implementation.

4- Interacting and communicating with the headquarters, affiliated units and provincial agencies in order to advance the goals and macro programs of the organization Leading and supervising the implementation of meteorological transformation programs in the province

5- Managing the instructions and procedures of administrative and specialized affairs of the General Administration and informing the affiliated units

6- Leading the meteorological performance report of the province to present to the relevant authorities

7- Establishing continuous communication with news centers and institutions and mass communication media in order to transfer information and announce the official meteorological news of the province in coordination with the headquarters of the organization.

8- Studying the views and opinions of the people, officials and provincial mass media and reflecting it to the director general and reflecting the achievements and meteorological performance of the province in the form of mutual communication.

9- Preparing, compiling and arranging articles and materials required for brochures, bulletins and publications, and following up on their publication.

10-Review and respond to requests and complaints received, refer to the relevant unit and follow up to expedite the response

11- Monitoring the performance of the units under their supervision and evaluating them with pre-determined programs

12- Participating in relevant commissions, committees and councils in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations