Job Description of Meteorological Information and Communication Technology Department

1-Cooperating with the headquarters and director general of the province in order to develop information technology and meteorological communication programs in the province

2- Preparing reports on the performance of information technology and meteorological communications in the province and presenting them to the relevant authorities

3- Performing data registration operations of meteorological stations of the province by related software,

4- Performing quality control operations on the data of all meteorological stations of the province and sending them to the central headquarters according to the announced instructions.

5- Maintaining and updating the provincial website

6- Creating and supporting existing databases and metadata in the province

7- Cooperation and interaction with the central headquarters of the organization regarding the elimination of statistical deficiencies and problems announced by the Meteorological Information and Communication Technology Office

8- Installation, commissioning, support and development of all hardware and software of information technology and communications required by the meteorology of the province

9-Development of software systems related to information security

10- Development of basic information technology systems to optimize data communication networks

11- Managing, monitoring and developing the internal communication network and ensuring its security