Description of the tasks of the Management Development and Resources Department

1- Reviewing and implementing employment laws and regulations and notification instructions

2- Carrying out employment affairs and affairs related to promotion, transfer, suspension, retirement of employees in the province's meteorology

3- Cooperating with the headquarters and the director general in planning and providing manpower in the meteorology of the province

4- Supervising the observance of the conditions for obtaining organizational positions, presence and absence of employees, insurance and welfare of employees

5- Preparing and presenting reports and administrative, financial and personnel statistics

6- Supervising service affairs in the meteorology of the province

7- Supplying equipment and consumables in the meteorology of the province

8- Preparing the training file of the meteorological staff of the province, assessing the needs and following up the development of their skills in coordination with the headquarters

9- Preparing and arranging cost agreements and ownership of meteorological capital assets of the province

10- Pursuing matters related to obtaining the allocation of expenditure credits and ownership of capital assets

11- Preparing budget performance reports to be presented to various supervisory authorities

12- Carrying out legal affairs, preparing contracts, complaints and defense bills in the meteorology of the province, if necessary

13- Studying all new laws, regulations and approvals and changed laws and announcing it to the relevant units and adopting a single procedure on legal issues in coordination with the headquarters

14- Control of capital property, acquisition and documentation of meteorological real estate of the province

15- Execution of financial and accounting affairs, maintenance and settlement of accounts in accordance with the law, relevant rules and regulations, and ensuring their accuracy and health

16- Maintaining documents and financial offices in the form of software systems by updating them

17- Maintaining the account of government property and supervising the mentioned property through the establishment of the property software system and sending the necessary reports to the relevant authorities.

18- Delivery and transformation of received funds in the form of allocated credits

19. Follow-up regarding uncertain accounts in terms of depositing or sending positive documents

20. Supervise the correctness of payments made by complying with relevant laws and regulations

21- Organizing books and issuing based on daily job descriptions