Description of the tasks of the weather forecasting and forecasting group

1- Analyzing meteorological information and issuing local forecasts in cooperation with the relevant headquarters units with the aim of ensuring flight security, transportation and the general public, improving agriculture, making optimal decisions in infrastructure matters, etc. at the provincial level.

2- Cooperating with other provincial government agencies in crisis management and reducing climate and weather hazards

3- Daily review of real maps and forecast maps to control the quality and select the appropriate model according to different atmospheric patterns

4- Analyzing key maps, especially ground maps to draw fronts on the ground map

5- Analysis of satellite and radar images and data for issuing weather forecasts and forecasts on a regional and meso scale

6- Checking the accuracy of predicting numerical models such as ECMWF-GFS -ARPEGE WRF-MM5 and ...

7- Investigating the effect of changing the horizontal separation of numerical models of weather forecasting in simulation of synoptic systems

8- Informing and issuing provincial forecast bulletins

9- Preparing forecast products for standard flight levels for the province airport

10- Preparing and issuing WARNING. SIGMET. RAFOR. TAFOR and their corrections and other similar matters

11- Checking the output of numerical models for provincial flights

12- Issuing announcements and warnings related to forecasting acute weather conditions for conditions such as severe increase or decrease of temperature, strong winds, severe changes in humidity, hail, etc. in the province

13- Effective participation in specialized meetings inside and outside the meteorology of the province and presenting relevant reports and analyzes to the relevant authorities

14- Cooperation and coordination with the headquarters in order to improve the local and provincial forecast