Establishment, completion and upgrading of the network of meteorological stations and offices in the province according to the plans of the Meteorological Organization and the General Meteorological Office of Yazd Province.

Maintaining the network of stations and conducting technical inspections.

Measurement and recording of parameters of atmospheric factors on the surface of the earth and the upper levels of the atmosphere according to international standards.

Collect and control meteorological data from all stations in the province and send to the Meteorological Organization.

Forecast of weather warnings based on analysis of meteorological maps. Issuance of agricultural meteorological forecast in cooperation with Jihad Agricultural Organization.

Cooperation with the provincial radio and television to inform the weather situation of the province. Informing the weather condition of the province through the website, air conditioning, air conditioning and short message systems.

Providing aviation meteorological services for flight safety and health.

Provide meteorological statistics and information to users.

Carrying out basic and applied research and study plans and projects related to meteorology and climate with the participation of universities and research centers.

Collaborate in preparing specialized reports related to meteorology.

Preparation of meteorological publications and bulletins.

Cooperation with educational and scientific centers to visit meteorological stations and provide the necessary training.